Horses & Animals

Meet our hardworking Equine Team! There are several ways to virtually adopt (Sponsor) or contribute to the care of an SHRC therapy horse or animal. Our Adopt-a Horse program gives corporations, groups and individuals the opportunity to support the “backbone” of our therapeutic riding program- the horses.
BellaBella is an American Paint. Bella was donated to the SHRC in 2010 by Jeannie Roddy. A gentle and affectionate mare, her favorite gait is "halt". Bella has performed many roles for SHRC in addition to her job as a Therapeutic horse: She is a member of the Equine Dell Arte acting company and lead the SHRC group at the LA PRIDE Parade in 2014 as the "Riderless Horse" in remembrance of our fallen veterans. Bella even has her own Twitter account! You can follow her exploits @SHECBellaSponsor Bella!
CowgirlCowgirl is a registered American Paint Horse. The most recent addition to our crew, Cowgirl was donated in July 2014 by Marion Stace and Ray Martin. Cowgirl recently appeared in the Equine Dell Arte performance "O for a Horse with Wings". Sponsor Cowgirl!
EZ EZ is an Quarter Horse gelding. He is leased to SHRC by Our Children Their Future. EZ is one of our smallest and youngest ponies and shows great promise working within our programs. Sponsor EZ!
GoodWillGoodwill is a Hanovarian Gelding. He was donated by John Higginson in 2011. Because of his height, Goodwill works primarily with our adult participants, especially the veterans in Saddles for Soldiers. Sponsor Goodwill!
Jasmin Jasmin is an Icelandic horse. She was donated to our Therapeutic Program by Ronald & Carol Cox in 2015, making her the newest (and smallest!) member of the SHRC team.Sponsor Jasmin!
JeannieJeannie is an AQH. She was donated to our Therapeutic Program by Barbara and Nicole Kellerer of Our Children Their Future. Jeannie is also a member of the acting troupe Equine Dell Arte in addition to her duties as a therapeutic horse.Sponsor Jeannie!
Patches Patches was brought to SHRC in Fall of 2014. A former trail riding horse, Patches has become known for his calm nature and mustache! Sponsor Patches!
Romeo Romeo was donated to SHRC in 2014. This tall, dark and handsome fellow has become a hit with the ladies and his larger size makes him ideal to work with our veterans as well!Sponsor Romeo!
IMG_6412 Taylor is a paint horse donated to SHRC in 2014.Sponsor Taylor!

Mini-horses, Miniature Donkeys and Farm Animals on the SHRC team!
Dreamer Dreamer is a mini-horse. He was given to SHRC in . Dreamer is also a member of the acting group Equine Dell Arte, and SHRC's "Spokes-pony", appearing at events and trade shows around Southern California, including the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event. Sponsor Dreamer!
IMG_4955 Eddie is a miniature donkey (Sicilian Burro). He was purchased for SHRC in 2010 with his mother Eloise. Eddie's personality will make anyone's heart melt. He loves long walks with his mom on the SHRC property and is very fond of organic rice cakes. Sponsor Eddie!
burro Eloise is a miniature donkey (Sicilian Burro). She was purchased for SHRC in 2010 with her son Eddie. Eloise's initial reactions at the ranch indicated that she had suffered abuse from her previous owners. Thanks to the love and care of our SHRC volunteers, Eloise is receptive to human contact and loves being with the other animals. She and Eddie protect our animals from coyotes as well as being a wonderful addition to our petting zoo. Sponsor Eloise!
Francis Bacon
Francis Francis Bacon is a miniature pot-bellied pig. She joined the SHRC family in 2013. She recently rode in the SHRC float to support LA PRIDE, Francis LOVES banana chips, grapes and spinach. She knows how to "sit", "stand up" and we are working on "shake". Sponsor Francis Bacon!
Fudge Fudge is a mini-horse. He came to SHRC in 2009, and was raised here since he was a young colt.Fudge is a feisty little fellow and loves to be the center of attention. Sponsor Fudge!
Ginger Ginger is a llama. She was given to SHRC in 2010 by Dr. Rodney and his lovely wife Katherine. Ginger is great with children, enjoys long strolls about the property and loves raw sunflower seeds. Sponsor Ginger!
Tic, Tac & Toe
IMG_4961 Tic, Tac & Toe are Nigerian Pygmy goats. They were given to SHRC in 2013. Tic is the brown, Tac is medium brown, and Toe is the lightest. They are the sweetest little trio and love diced carrots and jumping on bales of straw. Sponsor Tic, Tac & Toe!
Vida & Loca
Vida & Loca Vida and Loca are Dorper sheep. They were given to SHRC in 2013 by Patricia Gleason. Vida has an all-black head, while Loca is black with white markings. Vida loves to stomp on all fours during her morning exercise, while Loca loves to graze on anything she sees. Very affectionate and great with kids (and big kids), they love raw sunflower seeds and diced carrots. Sponsor Vida & Loca!