Therapuetic Rider Scholarship

Though our program prices are minimal to cover our expenses, Shadow Hills Riding Club understands that not all families can afford to pay for Therapeutic Lessons on top of their other financial responsibilities. SHRC tries to offer scholarships to as many students as possible, but with the growing number of students in need, we can not always accommodate every request. Please make sure that you have exhausted all other options before applying for an SHRC scholarship so that we can be sure that funds are used for those most in need. Other funding options include:

– Friends and family: A friend or family member who does not live with the student may be in a better financial position to sponsor your child as a tax-deductible donation to our organization.
– Business scholarships: Often an employer, local business or even your church will sponsor a student. Their donation for your student is tax-deductible as well.
– Scholastic Funding: If your child is in a home school or charter program, you may be able to utilize physical education funds for your Therapeutic Riding sessions.
– Flexible Medical Spending: With a written prescription from your physician or therapist, hippotherapy or therapeutic horseback riding may be considered an out-of-pocket medical expense. If you have an use a flexible medical spending account, you will enjoy the benefits of a savings account using pre-taxed dollars. We can provide you with documentation that includes the dates of service and payment made.
– Service organizations such as the local Elks Club, Lions Club, Exchange Club, and Knights of Columbus or Organizations that specialize in the diagnosis that your family shares may be willing to help you fund hippotherapy or therapeutic horseback riding.
– Grant Assistance: There may be specific grants or funding for your needs. Act Today provides grants for families with children on the autism spectrum. They also have an excellent resource page linking to other non-profits that offer financial assistance. SHRC is applying for vendorship with the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, and you may qualify for services through their program.
– Veterans: SHRC is partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project, helping post 911 veterans receive therapy and training. Though veterans are never charged for participation in our programs, those who qualify help us to receive funding to continue offering our services to other veterans as well.

If you have exhausted all of the above options, please apply for the SHRC Rider Scholarship. Families and Riders must meet the following criteria:
– Rider must have completed an SHRC evaluation lesson and be approved for group or private lessons in one of our programs
– In order to help the most students possible, riders can receive only one (1) SHRC scholarship annually.
– A Shadow Hills Riding Club Scholarship Application form must be completed and returned at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the session for which scholarship funds will be used.
– Because scholarship funds are limited, we ask that scholarship recipients are committed to attending lessons on a consistent basis. Funding may be discontinued if 2 or more lessons are missed during the funded riding session. (Hospitalization terms or physician prescribed absences that result in 2 or more lessons missed will not be counted as reasons for discontinuing funding. Refunds and credits are not given for missed lessons.)

Final determination of scholarship awards will be determined by the Shadow Hills Riding Club scholarship committee and then presented to the Board of Directors anonymously (applicant’s name withheld). Shadow Hills Riding Club relies on fundraising events and the generous contributions from donors for scholarship funding; therefore available scholarship funds will vary from session to session. Notification of scholarship decisions will be made within one month of application submission in person or by mail or email.

Download and complete the SHRC Rider Scholarship Application Form. Return applications along with all supporting documents to
Shadow Hills Riding Club
Attention: Riding Scholarships
10263 La Canada Way
Shadow Hills, CA 91040